CaT New York
June 9, 2011

New World Stages
340 W. 50 Street
New York, NY 10019

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

8:00 Registration and Breakfast

9:00 Opening Remarks

9:10 Personalized Manufacturing, Collaborative Clocks, and Drabbits:
How the World Changes When the Factory Is on Your Desktop

Bre Pettis, Founder, MakerBot

What happens when you use digital design software to mashup a rabbit and a dragon? You get a deadly drabbit! MakerBot Operators and Thingiverse users are changing the way things get made. In this talk, Bre Pettis, CEO of MakerBot Industries, will share stories and anecdotes from the bleeding edge of personal manufacturing and DIY 3D printing. Examples of community driven innovation happening in real time on Thingiverse, will amaze and shock you with the speed and creativity that's changing the face of invention as we know it.

9:40 Adam Sadowsky, Co-Founder, President & CEO, Syyn Labs

In this session, Adam Sadowsky will share the processes and occasional pratfalls of life inside LA-based art & engineering collective Syyn Labs, discussing projects like the massive Rube Goldberg machine in OK Go's "This Too Shall Pass" video and the giant car "organ" for DieHard Battery. Part directorial team, part art studio, part science lab, and part idea incubator, the Syyn Labs team is team is a new kind of collective. Adam will speak their use of technology to empower new forms of art and bring creative concepts to life and how collaboration is what allows them to thrive and create.

10:10 Understanding Social TV: Measuring Audience Engagement Through Social Media

Tom Thai, VP Marketing & Business Development, Bluefin Labs

People have always talked about what they watch on television - be it sitcoms, news, sports, or reality competitions - and the plethora of new social media now makes it possible to voice those opinions publicly, frequently, and in real-time, on a scale previously unheard of. Who will win? What did you think of the season finale? Were you affected by the news?

The result is massive volumes of response data across multiple social channels—difficult for brands to capture at scale, much less to make sense of. Tom Thai will share insights on applying innovative technology from Bluefin Labs that aids in understanding audience response to mass media content by linking social media comments directly to their televised source—at scale, with precision and near real-time, enabling advertisers and brands to understand the view and thus market more effectively to consumers. In this session, Tom will showcase some eye-popping visualizations of the social response to mass media that demonstrate the power and potential of the data and how it can be harnessed.

10:50 Sponsored Presentation

11:00 Networking Break

11:15 Facebook Studio & the Social Content Landscape

Jennifer Kattula, Facebook Studio Manager & Agency Relations Lead, Facebook

As the medium continues its course of rapid development, the opportunities for brands on Facebook grow alongside it – ads with friends, platform integration and dynamic fan pages just to name a few.

As such, last month marked the launch of the Facebook Studio - a hub for brand marketers and agency executives to share and discuss the most creative and effective work being put forth on the platform, and look at what's working and what isn't.

In this featured presentation, Facebook Agency Marketing Lead, Jennifer Kattula, will take us on a brief tour of the development of Studio, and through that lens, dive into the world of social content and how Facebook users create, share, consume content, and how they engage with brands. As marketers and advertisers craft new campaigns and tactics, these principles will guide their strategies, inform the best work, and help transform innovative ideas into meaningful brand-consumer interaction on Facebook.

11:45 Augmented Reality, Projection Mapping and Kinect Hacking: Transforming Communication

Sam Ewen, CEO & Founder, Interference Inc. & The Supertouch Group

More now than ever before our world and how we interact with it are changing at a furious pace. Technology and creative programming are creating experiences that would feel very comfortable in the science fiction tales of Blade Runner, Minority Report or William Gibson's Spook Country and yet are happening as we speak in locations all over the world and the advertising and communications industry is beginning to take notice.

This session will look at how technology is affecting, enhancing and triggering the real world and focus on the hybridization between computer interactivity, data, social connection, and augmented live experience. Specifically it will focus on three emerging techniques, Augmented Reality, Projection Mapping and Kinect Hacking. Additionally, Sam will discuss ways in which brands can use these tools to create incredible brand experiences many of which would not have been possible until now.

12:15 Sponsored Presentation

12:25 A CaT Short: Interactive Ice Cream & Social Smiles

Matt Lewis & Aram Yang, Idea Engineers, SapientNitro

There are many reasons in life to smile. Here's one more. Matt and Aram explain the inspiration and facial-scanning technology behind SapientNitro's Share Happy smile-activated vending machine for Unilever. (A demo will follow at lunch.)

12:30 Networking Lunch

1:20 Smartphones: A Blank Canvas for Creativity and Passion

Lisa Bettany, Creator of Camera+

There are a lot of photo sharing services out there, but few apps are designed to turn your phone into a bona fide camera replacement for photographers with a suite of special effects, enhancements and Photoshop-like elements. Even fewer that find consistent placement among Apple's top paid apps rankings.

In this session, tap tap tap's Lisa Bettany will talk about the development of Camera+ and how smartphones and similar devices are essentially blank slates of raw technology, just waiting for you to channel passion and creative genius into creating new tools, solutions and applications. Smartphones have ushered in a new era of creative innovation, in ways that the companies who built them would have never anticipated.

Lisa will also look at the various ways marketers can get involved in this space, making use of photo sharing and editing to allow their consumers to interact with and provide creative elements for campaigns.

1:50 The New Music Experience

Brian Whitman, Founder & CTO, Echo Nest

Music has changed more in the past few years than ever before-- we've moved from static linear playback to interactive experiences and no one ever wrote an obituary for the MP3. Application developers, taking their cues from mobile and the web, are building the future of music using freely provided data, services and licensed catalog from record labels and music technology companies. And they're busy: in the past year alone they've built social music games, stunning visualizers, and personalized radios that track your mood and then find you a date. In this presentation, Brian Whitman will be showing what's been happening and what's next in the world of the music API and the independent developer.

2:20 Fireside Chat: Technique, Potential, and Confusion: The Truth about Transmedia Storytelling

Jeff Gomez, Founder & CEO, Starlight Runner Entertainment
Frank Rose, Contributing Editor, Wired

With every new technology and new medium comes another channel through which to create, share, and tell stories. But with novel platforms emerging on what seems like a daily basis, it leads to many questions for brands and storytellers who view them as potential vehicles through which to build their communities and reach niche audiences.

One problem that tends to arise is that many take to these media with grandiose notions of telling brand narratives or transforming a one-dimensional Hollywood tale into an immersive and robust world with deep history and mythology, but end up producing marketing gimmicks or stories that no one ever hears.

In this featured fireside chat, Wired contributor and author of The Art of Immersion, Frank Rose, will discuss the vast opportunities at our disposal and the proper technique to make use of them, with accomplished transmedia producer, Jeff Gomez, while dispelling myths and confusion about what "transmedia" really means.

Throughout the conversation, we'll get to see some of Jeff's innovative work, while he and Frank explore the ways in which Silicon Valley, Hollywood, and Madison Avenue can sift through the overwhelming amount of technologies and channels to find the best way to tell your story, and offer guidelines, tips, and techniques, to make it as impactful and successful as possible, by really leveraging the tools we have available.

2:50 Networking Break

3:05 The Emotive Startup (Mentality)

Brian Wong, Founder, Kiip

In this presentation, 20 year old entrepreneur, Brian Wong, will discuss a fundamental shift in the way brands, powered by game mechanics and mobile technology, can create a truly emotional connection with consumers.

Brian will speak to mobile gaming landscape, the power the Aha! moment of in-game achievement, and how brands can celebrate that moment by bridging the mobile and real worlds.

These concepts are at the heart of Kiip and speak to how businesses and brands can start feeling and building the classic emotional engagements that were once the underpinnings of the world's most successful advertising motifs but risk being displaced by cold, rote, technology-driven "solutions."

3:40 Long-form Stories in the Digital Age

Evan Ratliff, Co-Founder, The Avatist

For the better part of a decade, the conventional wisdom amongst publishers - both digital and print - has been that information had to be shorter, more disposable, easily digested, and better suited to our shrinking attention spans and accelerating news cycles. In the world of journalism, reporting and storytelling was overrun by opinion and analysis. On the Web, even with its possibilities of unlimited space, quick hits and aggregation are the driving force. Publishers have struggled to uphold the to the constructs of print while adapting to the new attention economy.

Now, a growing collection of individuals and organizations are trying to prove that conventional wisdom wrong. Outfits like Longreads,, The Awl, Byliner, and Evan's own venture, The Atavist, are setting out to try and show that there is an audience for depth in the digital word, and find ways to deliver stories that will capture it.

In this session, Evan will address the questions: Has the explosion of the iPhone, iPad, Kindle, and other devices broken short-form's stranglehold on digital reading? Is a new kind of multimedia storytelling possible, and sustainable? Evan will discuss how long-form narrative is evolving through new media, and how one he and his cohorts are chart them a new path.

4:10 Agency IP: Pushing the Industry to Invest in Passion and Ideas

Ed Brojerdi, Chief Creative Technologist, Spies & Assassins (kbs+p)
Michael Lebowitz, Founder & CEO, Big Spaceship
Erin Riley, Brand Communications Director, ZAG NY BBH Labs

As Madison Ave and Silicon Valley continue on their collision course, the process though which big brands evaluate, adopt, and integrate new media and technology is still a slow one, mainly because the technology innovators don't always know what the brands want. But you know who does? Agencies.

Taking a cue from Google's 20% rule" under which employees focus a fifth of their time on side projects as a way to take full advantage of their staff's skills, many agencies are learning that in the new advertising and marketing economy, it's a shame to let all the amazing talent and creativity they command to be directed solely by the client, especially when there's such passion that goes unfocused and great ideas that often falls by the wayside.

In this panel, we'll hear from 3 individuals paving the way for their agencies, and the industry, to generate their own IP, and with it, new revenue sources, operating models, and a portfolio of innovative work to expand their expertise and client offerings. After a short video montage showcasing some of their work, we'll hear from the panelists about struggles and rewards in the push invest in IP and bring the agency world back to its roots – bringing good ideas to life.

5:00 Cocktails

* Agenda and speakers are subject to change