CaT New York
June 9, 2011

New World Stages
340 W. 50 Street
New York, NY 10019

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Video from CAT London: Iain Tait

Iain Tait, global interactive creative director at Wieden Kennedy discusses the role of software and storytelling at the modern agency and the myth of the post-digital world.

CaT London Video: Marko Balabanovic: The Fun of Choosing Labs Head of Innovation Marko Balabanovic introduces Topsee.

CaT London Video: Matt Jones on Immaterials

BERG's design director talks about four elements of Immaterials.

CaT Trax: An Infovis Manifesto, Coupland Gets Custom and more

Ladle a cup of steaming network broth into your personal bowl.

CaT Trax: Twitter Screams #iaintait

Blast off to uncharted regions in your mind's technoSnuggie.

CaT London Video: Mobilizy's Markus Tripp

Markus Tripp, manager of business development at Mobilizy, talks about his company's AR platform.

CaT Video: The Wizard of Data Art

Google Creative Labs' Aaron Koblin takes us through some of his most stunning projects.

CaT Video: Storytelling Throwdown

Is technology changing brand storytelling?

CaT Video: Remaking Media

How do we remake media and creativity in a social world?

CaT 2009: JoAnn Kuchera-Morin

She's got a lengthy title--Director, Allosphere Research Laboratory, California Nanosystems Institute; Professor, Media Arts and Technology and Music; Director, Center for Research in Electronic Art Technology, University of California, Santa Barbara--but Kuchera-Morin turns out to be just as long on amazing, inspiring ideas with this presentation at CaT New York, which garnered here the day's only standing ovation.

CaT London Video: Pachube's Usman Haque

Haque, Director of Haque Design Research and founder of Pachube, talks about his theories of connectedness in our modern architecture.

CaT Video: What's Now and Next in Mobile

The first video from CaT has arrived, and we bring you "What's Now and Next in Mobile" Tune in now!

CaT Video: Open Source Everything

Ben Fry, co-founder of Processing and director of Seed Phyllotaxis Lab and Carlos Ulloa, founder and creator of Papervision3D and HelloEnjoy talk about their software as well as their views on the future of open source and collaboration. Watch the video now!

AICP launches AICP Digital

Digital Domain commercials chief Ed Ulbrich heads up new chapter.

CaT Video: Six Major Steps

Hyper Island CEO Mattias Hansson addresses Six Major Steps in recruiting success.

CaT London Video: The New Creative Rock Stars

It's all about the technologists, ladies and gents. What do they say, now that they've got the chance to shine? Watch now.

CaT Conversation: Kevin Slavin

One of Area/Code's big brains talks games, how we play them, and what makes them successful. Watch now.

CaT Conversation: Nick Bilton & Derek Gottfrid of the NY Times

Two digital Timesmen talk about their projects, their focus, and the future of journalism. Watch the video.

CaT Conversation: Michael Lebowitz

Big Spaceship's CEO & founder goes into the divide between agencies and digital companies and explains why it doesn't need to be the status quo. Watch the video.

CaT in Pictures

What a way to spend the day. A group of the world's top creative and technology minds and nearly 500 of our closest friends in curiosity. Click through for a full gallery of CAT photos, hosted by event sponsors, Wiredrive.
Photos by Gary He

CaT Video: Manuel Lima

Visual Complexity's Lima speaks on information visualization.

Brains take over the Saatchi Gallery

Creativity and Technology London in pictures